New guns for 2014 is a brand new website dedicated to news on all of the brand new firearms that are coming out in the next year.

If you go over to the about page, you will read a little more about why I am starting this site.  But suffice it to say that I love shooting and my job taught me all about writing.  So, I figured I would start writing about something I love doing.  I got into guns after a former boyfriend introduced me to shooting.  Let me say there isn’t anything sexier than pulling an AR in tight and squeezing off a few rounds.

new guns

This site will have all sorts of news and stories on new guns as they roll out.  Leading up to the next SHOT Show, I’m sure there will be a ton of new things announced, and I will have them here.

I am planning on attending the SHOT Show in January, but a lot of that depends on the response I get here.  Going to see all of the new firearms in Vegas is certainly exciting.  However, it is also very expensive.  I can’t plan to do that if there isn’t anyone interested in seeing me holding and shooting guns.

I don’t discriminate:  I like revolvers and pistols, bolt guns and semi-autos.  A pump shotgun is great, but so is a gas operated one.  If I see a new gun that interests me, I will gladly post it here for your information!

Are there any specific firearms that you guys want to see?  If so, shout out in the comment section and let this girl know what you want to see!  If you want something specific, like me doing YouTube videos shooting guns, let me know that also.  Maybe you would like to see me running in my three-gun competitions?  Heck, just let me know!!

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